An Agent which builds its own tools | sky is the limit | preview demo

The video showcases a preview demo of Agent AGI, an AI agent capable of creating its own tools and executing complex tasks autonomously. Through seamless tool creation, multi-step processes, and dialogue interactions, the agent demonstrates adaptability, versatility, and potential for interactive task completion, encouraging viewers to explore its capabilities further through available code files and engaging with the creator on Patreon.

The video provides a preview demo of Agent AGI, an AI agent that has the capability to create its own tools. Initially, the agent is shown creating a “read file” tool using its existing tool creation function. It then uses this new tool to read a sample text file and creates a “perplexity web search” tool based on the contents of the file. The agent effortlessly updates its tools and tool definitions as it creates new functionalities.

Further demonstrations showcase the agent’s ability to handle complex tasks. It successfully performs multiple steps such as creating URL scraper and archive search tools, scraping website content, summarising information, and predicting stock consensus based on search queries. The video highlights the seamless integration of new tools and functionalities into the agent’s capabilities, showcasing its adaptability and versatility.

The video also demonstrates the agent’s capacity to execute intricate instructions provided in a text file. It creates tools, scrapes content, and summarises information based on the instructions given, showcasing its ability to interpret and execute tasks autonomously. The agent efficiently handles the creation of tools, text files, and HTML web pages, demonstrating its multifaceted capabilities.

Additionally, the video displays the agent’s ability to engage in dialogue-like interactions with models such as gp4 Omni. By discussing topics like building a tower defense game and creating game assets within the program itself, the agent exhibits a swarm-like behavior in its decision-making and execution of tasks. The video showcases the agent’s potential for complex and interactive task completion through dialogue interactions.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to explore the agent further through available code files on the creator’s Patreon. The agent’s multimodal capabilities, including image and voice inputs, are mentioned as ongoing developments. The video encourages viewers to engage with the creator through upcoming AMA meetings for patrons, highlighting the benefits of becoming a patron to access code files, courses, and one-on-one interactions with the creator.