ANTHROPIC IS THE NEW KING | Claude 3.5 now beats GPT-4o AND Llama3-400B

The video discusses the release of Cloud 3.5 Sonic by anthropic AI, which outperforms models like GPT-4o and Llama3-400B in tasks such as coding and text cleanup. The speaker highlights the model’s multimodal capabilities, including the new feature “artifacts,” and encourages viewers to explore closed-source AI models for superior performance and efficiency.

The video discusses the recent advancements in large language models, particularly focusing on the release of Cloud 3.5 Sonic by anthropic AI. The speaker compares the progress of open AI models like GPT-4o to anthropic AI, likening anthropic AI to AMD and open AI to Nvidia in terms of innovation and approach. The new Cloud model is highlighted for its superior performance compared to GPT-4o and Llama3-400B. The speaker shares their personal experience with using Cloud 3.5 Sonic, praising its accuracy and efficiency in tasks such as coding and text cleanup.

Anthropic AI’s model family is introduced, including Haiku, Sonic, and Opus, each serving different purposes and performance levels. The video mentions that Cloud 3.5 Sonic outperforms competitor models in key evaluations, boasting faster speed and lower costs compared to Cloud 3 Opus. The model’s capabilities in various tasks such as logical reasoning, brain teasers, and coding questions are showcased, highlighting its ability to provide accurate and insightful responses.

The video explores the new feature called “artifacts” in Cloud 3.5 Sonic, allowing users to generate documents, code, and diagrams based on prompts. The speaker demonstrates the model’s multimodal capabilities by requesting it to create a Rust program for a Minecraft-style shape and charting the price of Nvidia in a Fallout 3 universe-themed graph. The interface of Cloud 3.5 Sonic is praised for its interactive and informative nature, providing a detailed insight into the model’s thought process and output.

The comparison between Cloud 3.5 Sonic and other models like GPT-4o and Llama3-400B is discussed, noting the areas where each model excels. Despite some remaining strengths in specific domains for GPT-4o, Cloud 3.5 Sonic shows impressive performance in various tasks, including undergraduate level knowledge and problem-solving. The speaker expresses their decision to cancel their GPT-4o subscription in favor of using Cloud 3.5 Sonic for its superior performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, the video emphasizes the advancements in closed-source AI models like Cloud 3.5 Sonic and encourages viewers to explore the capabilities of different models for their specific needs. The speaker invites feedback on preferred models and usage experiences, highlighting the ongoing evolution of AI technologies and the potential for open-source models to catch up with closed-source counterparts. The video ends with a call to like, subscribe, and share the content, promising more informative discussions in future videos.