Figma 3.0 (Dev Mode, AI, Slides and more)

The video introduces Figma 3.0, highlighting new features like Figma AI, UI3 redesign, Figma Slides, and improvements to Dev Mode. These updates aim to enhance the design process, streamline collaboration between designers and developers, and improve efficiency in creating and sharing design assets.

In the video, the speaker discusses the new features and updates announced at Figma 3.0, including Figma AI, UI3 redesign, Figma Slides, and improvements to Dev Mode. Figma AI aims to help designers explore possibilities and speed up the design process with features like visual search and AI-powered asset search. The speaker highlights the importance of designers designing for designers, as it leads to better design solutions. The visual search feature is particularly useful for finding design elements quickly, especially in projects with multiple team members.

UI3 redesign is a major update that brings a more immersive canvas, component-centered UI, and a new icon set to the Figma interface. The redesign focuses on maximizing screen real estate, simplifying the UI, and providing a more efficient workflow. The speaker appreciates the new Focus View feature, which allows developers to concentrate on what needs to be built without distractions. Additionally, the responsive Prototype Viewer feature enables designers to preview designs on different screen sizes and test responsive behavior effectively.

Dev Mode updates include a new “ready for Dev” view that helps developers know what needs to be worked on, streamlining the handoff process between designers and developers. The updates aim to improve collaboration, reduce noise, and keep developers in sync with design changes. The speaker praises the new features like tracking status updates, leaving design change notes, and focusing on necessary design elements for developers. Code Connect, a feature that connects design systems with code, streamlines the setup and supports various frameworks and languages.

Other quality of life improvements in Figma 3.0 include Auto Layout enhancements, UI kits for popular design systems, and a streamlined setup process for developers. The speaker discusses the benefits of these improvements, such as making design systems more useful across different platforms and simplifying the design-to-code workflow. Moreover, upcoming enhancements for agencies and freelancers will focus on improving collaboration, project handoff, and billing processes. Overall, the speaker expresses excitement for the new features and updates in Figma 3.0 and encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the advancements.