Gaza, Ukraine and AI on G7 summit agenda | BBC News

World leaders are meeting in southern Italy for the G7 Summit to discuss pressing global issues, including conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, climate change, migration, Africa, and artificial intelligence. One significant proposal involves using frozen Russian assets as collateral for a loan to support Ukraine’s economy and defense capabilities, with concerns about potential repercussions on international relations.

World leaders have gathered in southern Italy for the 50th G7 Summit to address pressing global issues. The focus this year includes conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, as well as topics such as climate change, migration, Africa, and artificial intelligence. The summit is hosted in a luxurious resort called Borgo Egnazia, where leaders are tackling various challenges amidst their own domestic political struggles.

One significant proposal on the agenda is to utilize around $300 billion of frozen Russian assets as collateral for a $50 billion loan for war-torn Ukraine. This potential financial support could provide much-needed relief to Ukraine’s economy and defense capabilities. However, there are concerns about how Russia may react to this plan, with the possibility of negative repercussions on international relations.

President Zelensky of Ukraine, one of the invited leaders, is hopeful for support from the G7 to strengthen his country’s defense infrastructure. Additionally, President Biden has indicated a willingness to sign a long-term security deal with Ukraine, potentially extending beyond his presidency. The G7 aims to broaden its reach by inviting leaders from regions like North Africa, the Middle East, and South America to foster a more inclusive dialogue.

In addition to Ukraine, the summit also addresses challenges in Africa and the Middle East, with a focus on energy, infrastructure projects, and efforts to promote peace and stability. The G7 seeks to leverage its collective economic influence to address these complex geopolitical issues. Despite the political uncertainties facing some G7 leaders, the summit serves as a platform for diplomatic discussions and potential solutions to global crises. The international community closely watches the outcomes and decisions made at the G7 Summit in Italy.