How I make AI Songs for my Youtube Channel and Why - Suno AI

The video showcases a creator’s process of making AI-generated songs for their YouTube channel using the Suno AI app. They demonstrate how they craft each song by selecting music styles, refining lyrics, and balancing different musical elements to create compelling and impactful pieces of music for their audience to enjoy.

In the video, the creator shares how they make AI-generated songs for their YouTube channel using an app called Suno AI. They explain that they are a paid member of the app, which gives them the license to monetize the songs they create. The creator expresses their passion for making music and the desire to have songs they own the copyright to. They show examples of the songs they have created using Suno AI and mention that they plan to release them on Spotify for their audience to enjoy.

The creator walks through the process of creating a new song from scratch using the Suno AI app. They start with an instrumental introduction and then work on adding lyrics that include literary elements like rhymes, oxymorons, and alliterations. The creator emphasizes that the songs they create are a form of poetry and that the app helps bring their written texts to life in musical form. They select different music styles and elements like grunge, metal, guitar solos, heavy drums, and keyboards to shape the sound of the song.

Throughout the video, the creator demonstrates the iterative process of refining the AI-generated song by selecting and modifying different sections to fit their vision. They make decisions on which instrumental parts to keep, how to structure the verses, bridges, and choruses, and even adjust the lyrics generated by the AI to better align with their artistic intentions. They highlight the importance of balancing power and soul in the song’s composition to create a compelling and impactful piece of music.

After hours of editing and fine-tuning, the creator completes the song and shares a preview of the final product. They play the song, showcasing its buildup, emotional intensity, and the combination of different musical elements that they carefully selected. The creator discusses the process of downloading the song in high-quality wav format, removing the original reference track, and making final adjustments like adding fade-ins for a polished finish. They express gratitude for the viewers’ patience and understanding of the effort and creativity involved in crafting each AI-generated song.

In conclusion, the creator reflects on the intricate work behind the scenes of creating AI songs for their YouTube channel. They stress that the process involves more than just AI technology, requiring artistic input, decision-making, and a keen eye for detail to produce high-quality music. The creator aims to provide a peek behind the curtain to show viewers the dedication and craftsmanship involved in each song’s creation. They thank their audience for the support and invite them to enjoy the finished song on their music channel, highlighting the blend of creativity and technology that fuels their musical endeavors.