How To Build AI Agents With NO CODE! (Cassidy AI Tutorial)

The video demonstrates a tutorial on building AI agents without the need for coding, using Cassidy AI’s platform. It showcases the ease of creating custom workflows, integrating data, and automating tasks across various industries and applications with the help of multiple AI agents.

In the video, the creator demonstrates an easy tutorial on building AI agents without the need for any coding. The tutorial showcases a simple drag-and-drop workflow that utilizes multiple AI agents to cross-reference different ideas to provide a comprehensive response. The example used in the tutorial is a health diagnosis and information workflow, where various AI agents analyze symptoms and provide a diagnosis. The workflow includes agents like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and a controller agent to consolidate ideas and provide the final diagnosis. The video emphasizes the simplicity and effectiveness of building such workflows without coding.

The creator showcases how the AI agents work together by running a test workflow for a fake health issue like appendicitis. The AI agents analyze the symptoms and provide potential diagnoses, demonstrating the efficiency of combining different AI systems to leverage diverse data sets. The final result includes suggestions from multiple agents and internet scraping to provide a comprehensive report. The video highlights the versatility of such workflows, mentioning their applicability in various scenarios like social media, work, and company applications.

The tutorial further delves into creating custom workflows using natural language prompts. By using Cassidy AI’s platform, users can easily describe their desired workflows in natural language, without the need for technical knowledge or coding. The creator demonstrates how to build a workflow for determining job automation likelihood and recommending upskilling courses, showcasing the flexibility and ease of use of the platform. Users can access state-of-the-art AI models like GPT-3, Google’s Gemini Pro, and more for free within the platform.

Additionally, the video explores the use of assistants and data integration in creating customized workflows. Users can create assistants with access to specific data sets, upload documents, and sync with external platforms like Google Drive and Slack. The tutorial also showcases automating social media posts using AI agents to convert blog posts into social media content for various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The platform offers templates for workflows like competitor monitoring, SEO optimization, and legal document analysis, providing users with a wide range of options for leveraging AI.

Overall, the video presents an in-depth tutorial on building AI agents without coding, showcasing the capabilities of Cassidy AI’s platform. From creating custom workflows and integrating data to automating social media posts and accessing diverse AI models, the tutorial highlights the platform’s user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities. The demonstration emphasizes the ease of building complex workflows, leveraging multiple AI agents, and automating tasks for various industries and applications.