How To Use GPT-4o (GPT4o Tutorial) Complete Guide With Tips and Tricks

The tutorial introduces the advanced capabilities of GPT-40, a model that offers significant improvements over its predecessors, such as faster speed and enhanced efficiency for coding tasks and image generation. Users can access GPT-40 through the playground feature, customize interactions, seamlessly switch between models during conversations, and anticipate upcoming features like voice models and advanced data analysis.

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on the new capabilities of GPT-40, a model that offers significant advancements over its predecessors, including GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. The distinction between the models lies in the rate limits for users, with paid subscribers having higher limits for GPT-40. Users can access GPT-40 through the playground feature, where they can select different models for comparison and use presets to customize their interactions with the AI. GPT-40 boasts enhanced speed and efficiency, making it 50% faster than GPT-4 Turbo, particularly beneficial for coding tasks.

The tutorial highlights the coding capabilities of GPT-40, showcasing its ability to quickly generate Python scripts and even create simple trading bots based on preset variables. Additionally, users on Mac OS can download the latest version of Chat GPT, enabling them to take a picture, request code generation, and receive the code within minutes. The video demonstrates the seamless integration of GPT-40 for various coding tasks and its potential in simplifying programming processes.

Moreover, GPT-40 introduces advanced image generation capabilities, allowing users to generate 3D models and edit images with increased accuracy. The tutorial showcases how users can request the creation of 3D models, add elements like sunglasses to images, and even edit text within the images. While the image editing capabilities are impressive, users are advised to provide sufficient context for accurate modifications and better results.

Furthermore, GPT-40 enables users to switch between models during conversations, eliminating the risk of being locked out due to rate limits. This flexibility allows users to seamlessly transition between different models mid-conversation, exploring and comparing the capabilities of each model. The tutorial also touches on the upcoming features of GPT-40, such as voice models and advanced data analysis, promising enhanced functionalities for users in the future.

In conclusion, the tutorial provides a glimpse into the diverse applications of GPT-40, from coding and image generation to data analysis and future voice models. The tutorial demonstrates the model’s potential in streamlining various tasks, offering users a more efficient and versatile AI tool for a wide range of applications. With continuous advancements and updates expected in the future, GPT-40 presents exciting possibilities for users seeking enhanced AI capabilities.