Learn from my mistake! $160 API mistake while creating a multi threaded app

The speaker recounts a $160 API mistake made while developing a multi-threaded recursive project, underestimating its scale and resulting in excessive API usage. They emphasize the risks of building such complex applications, share lessons learned, and plan to create a video to educate developers on the importance of caution when working on projects involving threading, parallel calls, and recursion.

The speaker discusses a costly mistake they made, amounting to $160 in API usage within a minute, while working on a recursive project involving multi-threading. They note underestimating the scale of the project, leading to near-simultaneous API calls that exceeded their limits. Despite API usage guidelines mentioning a potential delay in enforcing limits, the responsibility for any overages lies with the user. The speaker acknowledges that the fault does not lie with the API provider, as receiving numerous rapid calls makes it challenging for limits to kick in promptly.

The project in question involves exploring quantum mechanics through generating subtopics and sub-subtopics, leading to exponential growth in complexity. The speaker emphasizes the risks associated with building multi-threaded or highly parallel apps, especially those that are recursive in nature. They highlight the potential for such projects to spiral out of control due to the exponential growth factor. After incurring the $160 cost from API usage, the speaker added warning messages and safety checks to prevent further financial losses.

The speaker reflects on their over five years of API usage experience, noting that such a costly mistake had never occurred before. They stress the importance of being cautious when developing multi-threaded or highly parallel applications, particularly if they involve dynamic thread generation. The speaker shares that they had to intervene and halt the project to prevent additional costs from accumulating, indicating uncertainty about how high the expenses could have escalated.

In an effort to educate others and prevent similar mishaps, the speaker plans to create a dedicated video discussing the lessons learned from this costly mistake. They aim to provide a warning to fellow developers, emphasizing the importance of being mindful when working on projects that involve threading, parallel calls, and recursion. By sharing their experience, the speaker hopes to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with complex projects that push the limits of API usage.

In the conclusion, the speaker briefly mentions the benefits of becoming a patron, highlighting access to code files, courses on efficient coding practices, and the opportunity for one-on-one interactions. They express gratitude to viewers for their time and attention, underscoring the value of learning from mistakes and sharing knowledge within the developer community. The speaker’s intention to create a dedicated project discussing the API mistake serves as a reminder to always be vigilant and cautious when working on projects that involve intricate technical aspects.