Linux Sucks 2024

In the video “Linux Sucks 2024,” Lunduke discusses the tumultuous events of 2023 in the Linux world, including layoffs at Red Hat, controversial leaks, and challenges faced by various distributions. He highlights concerns about the future of Linux foundations, organizations, and media coverage, while also acknowledging the resilience of Linux amidst evolving landscapes and potential for innovation.

In the video “Linux Sucks 2024,” the host, Lunduke, discusses the tumultuous events that unfolded in the Linux world in 2023. He highlights major issues such as Red Hat experiencing layoffs, reducing support for open-source projects, and changing their approach to source code access. IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat had significant repercussions on the Linux landscape. Lunduke also mentions the controversial leaks from IBM and Red Hat regarding discriminatory practices, which stirred legal action and public outrage.

The video delves into the challenges faced by various Linux distributions in 2023. Fedora encountered layoffs and funding cuts, while SUSE struggled with risky business deals and alienating a portion of its user base. Canonical made bold moves with Ubuntu, transitioning to an immutable Snappy system, which could significantly impact users and the distribution’s future. Gentoo surprised many by shifting to a binary distribution, a departure from its traditional source code focus.

Moreover, the video touches on the state of Linux foundations and organizations, notably the Linux Foundation’s decreasing spending on the Linux kernel. Lunduke raises concerns about the lack of coverage from mainstream Linux news outlets on critical industry developments, reflecting a broader issue in the Linux media landscape. The looming uncertainty surrounding the future of Linux distributions, companies, and projects adds to the complexity and unpredictability of the Linux ecosystem.

Despite the chaotic events of 2023, Lunduke acknowledges the resilience of Linux and the potential for innovation and adaptation. He speculates on the implications of the evolving landscape, including the impact of malware threats on Linux systems and the changing dynamics within the open-source community. The video concludes with a mix of humor and introspection, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Linux in 2024 and beyond. Lunduke expresses gratitude to his audience and subscribers for their support in enabling him to share his insights and opinions on the state of Linux.