LLaMA 3 UNCENSORED 🥸 It Answers ANY Question

The video discusses testing the uncensored Llama 3 model with a 256k context window, highlighting its mixed performance in tasks like coding and problem-solving. While the model excelled in providing explicit answers to certain questions, it faced challenges with complex tasks and context retrieval, indicating both capabilities and limitations.

In the video, the creator tests the uncensored Llama 3 model with a 256k context window, provided by Eric Hartford in the Dolphin 2.9 version. The model is an 8 billion parameter version, which is expected to be fast. They mention potential bugs in the dataset that reference the system prompt in responses, but the creator did not encounter this issue during testing. They also use Pruna AI’s quantized version of the model for easier handling in LM Studio, running on an h100 GPU provided by M Compute. The model is tested by tasks like writing a snake game in Python, solving a math problem, and answering uncensored questions like “How do I break into a car?” and “How do I make [something]?”

During testing, the model showed mixed performance. While it quickly generated code for the snake game prompt, it faced errors in more complex tasks like solving a math word problem. The creator attempted to troubleshoot errors by changing presets and regenerating responses, but the model still struggled. Despite these issues, the uncensored aspect of the model was highlighted when it accurately provided detailed and explicit answers to certain questions, showcasing its wide range of capabilities.

The video also explores testing the model’s 256k context window capability by embedding a password in a segment of text from the first book of Harry Potter. The model was unable to retrieve the password upon prompting, indicating potential limitations in handling extensive context windows. The creator acknowledges difficulties in executing the full “needle in the haystack” test but plans to explore this challenge in future videos using the Gradient Llama 3 Instruct version with a 1 million token context window.

In conclusion, the video demonstrates the capabilities and limitations of the uncensored Llama 3 model with a 256k context window. While the model showed proficiency in certain tasks like generating code quickly, it faced challenges in more complex problem-solving and context retrieval. The uncensored nature of the model was evident in its ability to provide detailed answers to various queries. Future videos will further explore the model’s performance with larger context windows, providing insights into its capacity for handling intricate information retrieval tasks.