OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Can An AI Be Controlled?

The video explores the concept of AI alignment, focusing on OpenAI’s ChatGPT as an example. It discusses the process of training ChatGPT using reinforcement learning with human feedback to create a useful assistant, highlighting the importance of continual learning and self-updating for aligning AI with human preferences.

The video discusses the concept of AI alignment or superalignment in the context of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Initially, GPT AI is described as a neural network proficient in completing sentences but not inherently a helpful assistant. The transformation of GPT into ChatGPT, an effective assistant, is attributed to reinforcement learning with human feedback. This process involves teaching the AI to behave in ways useful to humans, akin to how computers are trained to play video games to maximize scores.

To create a useful assistant like ChatGPT, a three-step approach is proposed. The first step involves training the AI by showing it various input tasks and corresponding example outputs, helping it learn to provide appropriate responses. The second step requires the AI to take an exam where it generates answers for tasks and receives scores based on their quality. Through this process, the AI learns to predict which responses would be favored by humans, adjusting its outputs accordingly.

Continual learning and self-updating form the third step, ensuring that the AI improves over time by incorporating feedback and adjusting its behavior based on scoring outcomes. This iterative process allows for the refinement of the AI’s capabilities and alignment with human preferences. The importance of generalization is highlighted, emphasizing the AI’s ability to apply its learned knowledge to new, unseen scenarios, akin to a student tackling unfamiliar math problems using prior understanding.

The video underscores the significance of superalignment, which involves aligning a superintelligent AI that surpasses human capabilities. While the current focus is on aligning less advanced AIs like ChatGPT, the challenges and implications of aligning superintelligent AIs are acknowledged as a topic for future discussion. The video concludes by emphasizing the ongoing advancements in AI capabilities, from playing video games competently to achieving super-human performance, and hints at the complexities and considerations involved in controlling superintelligent AIs.