OpenAI's New Model Releases LEAKED | Sam Altman talks about AGI, UBI, GPT-5 and what Agents will be

Recent leaks suggest that OpenAI’s upcoming release may involve AI agents with voice capabilities, potentially revolutionizing the field of AI assistants. Sam Altman discussed topics like Artificial General Intelligence, upcoming AI model releases, and the future of AI, envisioning a world where AI assistants offer continuous support and enhanced efficiency for users.

In the past 24 hours, there have been significant developments surrounding OpenAI’s upcoming release. Speculation abounds regarding what this new release will entail, with OpenAI clarifying that it is not GPT-5 or a search engine. There are hints that the new release may involve AI agents, potentially related to voice capabilities. OpenAI has been working on an AI Voice Assistant, aiming to compete with Google and Apple in this space. The new release is speculated to involve improvements in voice technology, potentially leading to advancements in AI assistants acting as tutors, customer service agents, and more.

There have been unconfirmed leaks suggesting references to GPT-4 Auto, hinting at the possibility of agent capabilities. The integration of audio and visual features in a single model is anticipated, enhancing the overall system’s speed and efficiency. This new technology is expected to be rolled out via the cloud initially, targeting applications such as improving automated customer service. While the technology may be too large to run on personal devices currently, it could eventually be integrated into devices through cloud computing.

There is talk of a potential GPT-5 release by the end of the year, expected to be a significant improvement over GPT-4. OpenAI may introduce a new pricing tier offering a discount for prepaying customers. There is also speculation about potential integration with Apple and the iPhone. Sam Altman discussed various topics on the All-In podcast, including Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), upcoming model releases, and the future of AI. He expressed a vision of continuous improvement in AI systems and the potential for AI to act as a virtual assistant or senior employee, providing reasoning and pushback akin to a competent human collaborator.

Altman mentioned considerations for future AI devices, such as fitting models on phones and the potential for more affordable devices. He envisions a world where AI assistants offer constant support and help users become more efficient. There is a discussion about the evolving concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and the possibility of a Universal Basic Compute model. Altman explores the idea of individuals owning a share of productivity enabled by advanced AI models like GPT-7. He also speculates on the emergence of networked systems in AI architecture, leading to more generalized reasoning capabilities across various problem domains.