SALT AI - FREE Online Comfyui + Discord Deploy

The video introduces Salt AI’s free online Comfy UI platform, which allows users to create workflows, manipulate images and videos, and deploy them to Discord without the need for installation or uploads. Users can easily create and customize workflows using nodes, including a unique “Salt Input” node, and efficiently deploy them to Discord servers for interactive use.

The video showcases the usage of Salt AI’s Comfy UI for free online, without the need for installation or uploads. The platform allows users to create workflows, manipulate images and videos, and even deploy workflows to Discord. The presenter emphasizes that this is not a sponsored video and encourages viewers to take advantage of the free opportunity by creating a free account on Salt AI.

Upon creating a new workflow on Salt AI, users can drag in nodes, including a special “Salt Input” node with specific fields for inputs like image, mask, name, and description. Various examples of workflows are provided, such as image generation, text-to-image conversion, and content-aware image editing. The platform supports different input and output formats like strings, numbers, images, and files, offering a wide range of possibilities for workflow creation.

The video demonstrates a text-to-image workflow, showcasing how users can connect input and output nodes to create desired outputs, such as an image generated from text prompts. The rendering process is shown, highlighting the platform’s fast GPU for efficient processing even at high resolutions. Users can also export workflows as JSON files for local use, adding to the platform’s flexibility and convenience.

Deployment of workflows to Discord is explained, with users able to give their workflow a descriptive name and deploy it for use in Discord servers. The presenter details how to update and manage deployed workflows within the platform, as well as how users can interact with the deployed workflows in Discord channels. The video concludes by highlighting the privacy aspect of calling specific workflows and encourages viewers to explore and experiment with the capabilities of Salt AI’s Comfy UI.