SD3 - Absurd new License. Stability AI asks you to destroy your Models!

The video discusses the new license terms for the SD3 model by Stability AI, highlighting concerns over the restrictions and requirements, such as a $20 monthly fee and limitations on image usage. The creator criticizes the license’s clauses on derivative works, termination, and liability, urging Stability AI to reconsider their pricing strategy and make the license terms more fair and reasonable for the community of creators and developers.

The video discusses the new license agreements for the SD3 model by Stability AI, which the creator finds to be absurd. The creator expresses concerns about the restrictive terms of the license, which require a monthly fee of $20 for the medium Creator license. This license is aimed at creators and developers with less than $1 million in annual revenue, funding, and monthly active users. However, the creator questions the practicality of the limitations imposed by the license, such as allowing only 6,000 images per month.

Furthermore, the video delves into the concept of derivative work under the license, highlighting that any modifications or models created based on the core SD3 model fall under its terms. The most concerning aspect of the license is the clause on effective termination, which mandates that upon contract termination, users must destroy all models and derivative works created using the SD3 model. This requirement is seen as excessive and unreasonable by the creator, especially considering the effort and resources invested in training the model.

Additionally, the video addresses the liability clause in the license, where users are held accountable for the actions of their customers or users in connection with the SD3 model. The creator finds this aspect puzzling and questions why users are being made responsible for the actions of others. The overall sentiment expressed in the video is that the current license agreement by Stability AI is unfair and needs to be reevaluated to better serve the community of creators and developers who have contributed to improving the SD3 model.

The creator emphasizes the need for Stability AI to reconsider their pricing strategy, suggesting that they should target larger companies with higher fees rather than imposing charges on smaller artists and designers who form the core user base. The video concludes with a call to the community to voice their concerns and push for a more reasonable and fair approach from Stability AI regarding the license terms for the SD3 model. The creator urges viewers to engage constructively in the discussion and advocate for changes that support the interests of the community.