Suno, Udio (and other music AI). We're F*ED and it's really BAD. Seriously

The video discusses the rise of AI music, focusing on Suno AI’s capabilities and its potential impact on human music creators. It raises concerns about the extinction of stock music, ethical implications of AI music creation, and the devaluation of human creativity in the music industry.

In the video, the creator discusses the rise of AI music, specifically focusing on Suno AI and its capabilities. The creator makes a bold claim that stock music is on the verge of extinction due to the advancements in AI music generation. They demonstrate how Suno AI can quickly and inexpensively create music tracks, raising concerns about the impact on human music creators who have dedicated their lives to their craft.

The creator showcases examples of AI-generated music, highlighting the efficiency and quality of the output. They express astonishment at the AI’s ability to mimic various music styles and even specific bands like Everything but the Girl. The creator questions the legality of using copyrighted material to train the AI and raises concerns about the future implications for film composers and other music professionals.

Furthermore, the creator delves into the ethical implications of AI music creation, likening it to a form of thievery that devalues the hard work and dedication of human creators. They express frustration and helplessness at the prospect of AI rendering many music creators obsolete in the industry. The creator criticizes the profit-driven nature of AI music companies and the lack of consideration for the emotional and artistic investment of human creators.

The video touches on the societal impact of AI music, suggesting that the devaluation of human creativity could lead to a shift in the fabric of society. The creator laments the potential loss of artistic passion and the commodification of music creation. They express a sense of powerlessness in the face of this technological advancement and fear for the future of music as a human-driven art form.

Despite the grim outlook presented in the video, the creator reaffirms their commitment to music creation and human connection. They acknowledge the inevitability of adapting to the changing landscape of the music industry but emphasize the irreplaceable value of human-to-human experiences in music. The video concludes with a mix of concern and determination to continue creating music despite the challenges posed by AI advancement.