$30,000,000 AI Is Hiding a Scam

The tech product Rabbit R1, developed by Rabbit Incorporated, is under scrutiny for potential scam elements due to discrepancies in promises made by founder Jesse regarding past projects involving NFTs and clean energy initiatives. The company’s refusal to provide refunds, contradictory statements, and far-fetched visions have raised concerns about their integrity and the harm caused to investors and consumers.

The Rabbit R1, a tech product that raised millions in venture capital, is being scrutinized for potential scam elements. The company behind the product, Rabbit Incorporated, has a history of changing names and previously raising capital for a project involving NFTs. The founder, Jesse, attempted to distance himself from this past project called Gamma, which promised ambitious plans like a carbon-negative cryptocurrency. However, investigations by tech experts and journalists revealed discrepancies in the promises made by Jesse regarding Gamma and the subsequent Rabbit R1 project.

Jesse’s claims about Gamma being a small project and not delivering the promised features were contradicted by evidence of his ambitious plans for the project, including a clean energy grid and a unique cryptocurrency. The Rabbit R1 was marketed as a versatile device capable of various functions, but reviews highlighted its non-functionality and discrepancies with the advertised features. The company’s refusal to provide refunds to Gamma investors who were promised certain outcomes added to suspicions about their integrity.

The intertwining of NFTs, clean energy initiatives, AI, and gaming in the company’s projects raised concerns about the legitimacy of their claims. Jesse’s visions for the projects seemed far-fetched, including plans for brain-controlled interactions and a complex ecosystem involving various technologies. The company’s attempts to deny past promises and dissociate from previous projects further fueled skepticism about their credibility.

The Rabbit team’s inconsistent statements and attempts to downplay their past projects’ failures cast doubt on their transparency and accountability. Refusal to refund investors and contradicting evidence of promised features added to the growing skepticism surrounding the company. Questions about the company’s true intentions and the potential harm caused to investors and consumers by their misleading claims prompted further investigations to uncover the full extent of the situation.