6 BIG AI News - EMAD Crypto / UDIO / Kling / Illumetry / ToonCrafter

The video discussed several significant advancements in AI, including EMAT’s venture into cryptocurrency with “Shelling AI” and Kling AI’s competition in the video AI market. Other highlights included PULSE’s technology for high-resolution image upscaling, ToonCrafter’s automation of anime animation, and innovations in AI music creation and live video projection onto 3D models by Udio and Illumetry’s collaboration, respectively.

In the video, several significant advancements in the field of AI were discussed. Firstly, EMAT, a prominent figure in AI, announced his venture into the world of cryptocurrency by introducing “Shelling AI.” The goal is to decentralize control over AI and its training models, although the association with the crypto space, known for scandals and scams, raises concerns about the reputational impact on AI technology.

Another noteworthy development mentioned was Kling AI, a Chinese-based company offering video AI that competes with Sora. The side-by-side comparisons shared on Twitter show promising results, raising questions about the level of control users have over the generated videos and the potential for cherry-picking scenes. The video quality and performance of Kling AI’s technology will be crucial in determining its success in the market.

Additionally, there was a discussion about PULSE, a technology focused on training upscale models to produce high-resolution, detailed images. By utilizing progressive training methods and addressing missing input data, PULSE can achieve impressive upscaling results, enhancing image quality significantly. The technology’s potential for data compression opens up new possibilities for handling high-resolution images efficiently.

ToonCrafter, an AI technology targeting the anime industry, was also highlighted for its interpolation capabilities between key frames (genga) and in-between frames (Doga). By automating the animation process, ToonCrafter aims to streamline production, reduce costs, and introduce more movement and dynamism in anime creation, especially for TV shows with tight deadlines and budgets.

Lastly, the video touched upon Udio, a platform for AI music creation, and CanvasStick 3D’s collaboration with Illumetry, which allows live video projection onto 3D models. These innovations showcase the evolving landscape of AI applications across various creative fields, from music composition to product design, hinting at a future where AI plays a more significant role in enhancing artistic processes and experiences.