🚨 BREAKING: LLaMA 3 Is HERE and SMASHES Benchmarks (Open-Source) #ai #llama

Meta AI has unveiled the Llama 3 model, an open-source AI technology that comes in 8 billion and 70 billion pre-trained versions. Demonstrations showed the model’s lightning-fast performance in tasks like creating the game Snake in Python and generating images, highlighting its efficiency and versatility in handling various data types.

The Llama 3 model has been announced as the latest in the Llama series by Meta AI. It is an open-source model designed to push the boundaries of AI technology. The blog post discusses how Llama 3 is now available in two versions, with 8 billion and 70 billion pre-trained and instruction-tuned models. This allows for a wide range of applications to be supported by the Llama 3 models, which are described as being able to take data and scale to new heights. The models have been trained on Meta AI’s custom-built 24,000 GPU clusters using over 15 trillion tokens of data.

During a demonstration, the Llama 3 model was shown to be lightning fast in executing tasks. A simple test of writing the game Snake in Python was used to showcase the model’s speed and capabilities. The code was copied and pasted into the system, and the game was successfully created within seconds. The demonstration highlighted the efficiency and performance of the Llama 3 model in generating complex outputs quickly and accurately.

Additionally, the blog post mentions that the Llama 3 model was able to generate an image of a robotic llama upon request. The resulting image was described as impressive, showcasing the model’s ability to create visual content as well. This further emphasizes the versatility and capabilities of the Llama 3 model in handling various types of data and tasks efficiently.

Overall, the release of Llama 3 signifies a significant advancement in AI technology, with its high-performance capabilities and wide range of applications. The use of advanced training methods and vast amounts of data has enabled the model to achieve impressive results in tasks such as game creation and image generation. Meta AI aims to continue pushing the boundaries of AI technology with the Llama series, paving the way for innovative applications and developments in the field of artificial intelligence.