Gold Gang (100% AI) | INSANE AI Music Video + How it was done (behind the scenes look)

The video “Gold Gang” is an AI-generated music video featuring C3PO as a gangster rapper, with all elements created using artificial intelligence tools by Daniel Eckler. The behind-the-scenes look at the creation process showcases the innovative use of AI in generating music, visuals, and animations, highlighting the potential for creative expression and experimentation in the digital age.

The video is about an AI-generated music video called “Gold Gang” featuring lyrics, voices, and visuals created entirely using artificial intelligence. The video showcases C3PO as a gangster rapper in a unique and entertaining way. The creator of the video, Daniel Eckler, used 100% AI tools to bring the project to life, generating impressive results.

Eckler used a variety of AI tools, including Mid Journey for image generation, vocal models for voice creation, and Notion for lyric organization. The process involved testing voices, generating lyrics, and refining prompts to ensure consistency in the video. The use of multiple AI tools helped in creating different elements of the music video, such as melodies, visuals, and effects.

The video creation process included steps like generating images, testing voices, refining prompts, researching effects, and utilizing tools like M Journey, Runway ML, and Fable Motion. A combination of AI tools was used to produce the video, including Photoshop for touch-ups, AI models for lip-syncing, and Runway for generating shots. The team also used Adobe Premiere Pro and other software to edit and enhance the final product.

The creator collaborated with AI platforms, voice models, and freelance talent to bring the project together. The integration of different tools and technologies enabled the team to create a visually stunning and engaging music video. The process involved multiple iterations, revisions, and adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.

Overall, the video demonstrates the potential of AI in creative projects, showcasing how artificial intelligence can be used to generate music, visuals, and animations. The behind-the-scenes look at the creation process highlights the complexity and innovation involved in producing AI-generated content. The success of “Gold Gang” reflects the growing intersection of AI, art, and music, opening up new possibilities for creative expression and experimentation in the digital age.