Google Releases AI AGENTS! Worth The Wait?

Google recently released its AI AGENTS platform during the Google Cloud Next 2024 keynote speech, introducing the Vertex AI model Garden with over 130 models including Gemini 1.5 Pro. The platform offers various models for different tasks and modalities, showcasing capabilities like processing vast amounts of information, generative AI for customer service, workplace assistance, and an AI-powered video creation app called Google Vids.

Google recently released its AI AGENTS platform, which was showcased during the Google Cloud Next 2024 keynote speech. The platform includes the Vertex AI model Garden, offering access to over 130 models, including Gemini 1.5 Pro and popular open models like llama, Gemma, and mrr. The model Garden provides a variety of models for different modalities and tasks, making it a valuable resource for users.

Gemini 1.5 Pro was highlighted as a significant addition to the platform, offering a context window supporting up to 1 million tokens. This capability allows for processing vast amounts of information in a single stream, enabling tasks such as answering questions based on an hour-long video or analyzing large code bases efficiently. The platform also supports audio processing, enhancing cross-modality analysis.

The conversation then shifted to the development of customer agents on Google Cloud, focusing on generative AI for customer service purposes. Examples were provided of various companies utilizing customer agents to enhance customer experiences, such as Mercedes-Benz implementing customer agents to improve user experiences in their vehicles. The agents are designed to work seamlessly across different channels and integrate with various platforms.

The discussion expanded to highlight the potential of agents in the workplace, showcasing how they can streamline tasks and improve productivity. An example was presented where an employee agent assisted with benefits enrollment, leveraging Gemini’s capabilities to summarize emails, analyze data, and provide recommendations. The platform’s integration with Google Workspace allowed for seamless interaction and efficient task completion.

Lastly, Google introduced Google Vids, an AI-powered video creation app for work. The app utilizes Gemini to assist in video writing, production, and editing, offering narrative outlines, animations, stock media, and music to create engaging videos. Additionally, the platform showcased Gemini Code Assist, empowering developers to make code changes efficiently by reasoning through the codebase and providing clear recommendations. Overall, Google’s advancements in AI agents and integrated tools aim to enhance user experiences and productivity across various domains.