Groq blazing fast Llama 3 70B gets instructed by GPT4

The video showcases an auto-coder powered by Gro API’s Llama 370 billion, featuring fast code generation for game scripts with integration of GPT4 as an instructor for providing feedback and suggestions. Users can interactively guide the code generation process, iterate quickly, and refine game scripts with user input and GPT4’s instructions, resulting in efficient and tailored outputs.

In the video, an auto-coder using Llama 370 billion from Gro API is showcased, promising blazing speed and the ability to use Opus, Hau, and Sonet. The unique aspect of this auto-coder is the integration of GPT4 as the instructor for Llama 370 billion. The demonstration involves entering a task, such as a chasing game or a platformer game, and observing the iterations guided by GPT4’s feedback. The process involves running the script, receiving GPT4’s review, making improvements based on the feedback, and iterating through different versions.

The auto-coder allows for user-guided interactions, where additional instructions can be provided to GPT4 for refining the generated code further. This interactive mode offers the opportunity to enhance the code by incorporating user-suggested improvements. The iterations involve running the code, receiving feedback, and making adjustments to create more refined versions of the game scripts. The speed and efficiency of the auto-coder are highlighted, along with the ability to experiment and iterate quickly through different versions.

The video demonstrates the process of creating game scripts using the auto-coder, showcasing the generation of code for a chasing game and a platformer game. The iterations involve running the initial code, receiving feedback from GPT4, and refining the code based on the suggestions provided. The user-guided mode allows for more interactive input, enabling users to guide the code generation process and make specific improvements to the game scripts.

The auto-coder uses GPT4 to instruct Llama 370 billion, ensuring that the generated code meets the desired criteria for the game scripts. The integration of GPT4 as the instructor adds a layer of intelligence to the code generation process, allowing for more refined and tailored output. The video highlights the speed, efficiency, and interactive nature of the auto-coder, emphasizing its ability to quickly iterate through different versions of game scripts based on user feedback and GPT4’s instructions.

Overall, the video showcases the capabilities of the auto-coder powered by Llama 370 billion from Gro API, demonstrating its speed, versatility, and user-friendly interface. The integration of GPT4 as the instructor enhances the code generation process, providing valuable feedback and suggestions for improving the game scripts. The interactive nature of the auto-coder allows for user-guided interactions and rapid iterations to refine the code and create more sophisticated game scripts.