How some AI developers are combatting malicious bots | BBC News

The video discusses the development of AI technology, including the creation of virtual panelists like Shiloh that mimic human emotions for a more interactive experience. It also highlights how AI tools are being used to combat malicious bots and disinformation online, showcasing the diverse applications of AI in enhancing virtual experiences and safeguarding against online threats.

The video transcription discusses the development of AI technology and its applications in various fields. It introduces Shiloh, a virtual panelist, and highlights how AI avatars are being trained to mimic human emotions, creating a more personalized and interactive experience. The conversation delves into the potential privacy implications of this technology blurring the lines between virtual and real worlds.

The focus then shifts to the use of AI in combatting malicious bots and disinformation. It mentions how AI tools like ragy are used to identify bots based on criteria such as high posting frequency and suspicious account behavior. The text emphasizes the importance of monitoring and analyzing narratives spread by bots to prevent misinformation from escalating into real-life crises.

An example is shared regarding how AI technology was used to monitor fake news in Sudan, where malicious actors attempted to incite conflict by spreading false information online. The AI software detected a Facebook post and video that could potentially trigger violence, demonstrating the critical role of AI in crisis management to avert disasters.

Furthermore, the conversation touches on the commercial applications of AI avatars for customer service and influencer marketing. Companies are leveraging AI-driven avatars to provide personalized services and engage with diverse demographics cost-effectively. The text discusses the potential for individuals to create their own avatars in the near future, transforming how brands interact with consumers.

Overall, the text showcases the multifaceted use of AI technology, from enhancing virtual experiences with expressive avatars to safeguarding against malicious bots and disinformation. It underscores the evolving capabilities of AI in simulating human emotions and analyzing online narratives to mitigate risks and ensure a more informed and secure digital environment.