How To Use GPT-4o (GPT4o Tutorial) Complete Guide With Tips and Tricks

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on the new GPT-40 model, highlighting its improved speed, coding capabilities, image generation features, and data analysis tools compared to GPT-4. Users can access GPT-40 for free through the playground, with paid subscribers having higher rate limits for longer interactions, and upcoming enhancements in voice interaction and API access are expected.

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on the new capabilities of GPT-40, the latest and most advanced model in the GPT series. It clarifies that there are tiers of models: GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and GPT 40. GPT 40 is available for free, but paying subscribers have higher rate limits, allowing longer interactions with the model. Users can access GPT 40 through the playground, where they can compare models and use presets to customize interactions with the AI.

GPT-40 offers increased speed and capabilities compared to GPT 4 Turbo, making it more efficient for tasks like coding. The tutorial demonstrates how users can request the AI to code Python scripts or create trading bots, showcasing the model’s coding abilities. Additionally, the tutorial mentions the availability of a Mac app for downloading the latest version of Chat GPT, enabling users to interact with the model through images and requests for coding tasks.

Furthermore, GPT-40 introduces advanced image generation capabilities, allowing users to generate 3D models and edit images. Users can request the AI to create specific objects or manipulate existing images by adding elements like text or accessories. The tutorial highlights the importance of providing context and using a larger brush size for accurate image edits. Additionally, the AI can analyze emotions in images and offers enhanced data analysis features, generating synthetic datasets and visualizing data trends within seconds.

The tutorial reveals that the voice model of GPT-40 has not yet been released for Android or iOS but is expected to be available soon, offering more capabilities for voice interactions. It also mentions upcoming API access for audio and video capabilities. Overall, GPT-40 represents a marginal upgrade over GPT-4, with improved speed, coding abilities, image generation, and data analysis features. The tutorial showcases a variety of tasks that users can perform with the new model, such as coding, image editing, and data analysis, while hinting at forthcoming enhancements in voice interaction and API access.