I made FLAPPY BIRD in DUMB programs

The video showcases the creator remaking Flappy Bird in unconventional ways using programs like File Explorer, Microsoft Paint, and Premier Pro, manipulating elements within these tools to simulate gameplay mechanics. Despite challenges like inconsistent refresh rates and crashing issues, the creator demonstrates creativity, resourcefulness, and a humorous approach to game development through innovative and quirky methods.

In the video, the creator remakes Flappy Bird in various unconventional ways using different programs like File Explorer, Microsoft Paint, and Premier Pro. The process involved creating a makeshift game engine within these programs by manipulating elements such as text files, icons, and video timelines to simulate the movement of the bird and pipes in the game. Despite facing challenges like inconsistent display refresh rates and crashing issues, the creator persevered by experimenting with different methods to achieve the desired gameplay mechanics.

The unconventional approaches included using keyboard shortcuts to control the movement of game elements, writing Python scripts to automate tasks, and even resorting to manual drawing and tracking in software like Premier Pro and Microsoft Paint. These methods led to quirky and sometimes impractical implementations of Flappy Bird, but the creator remained determined to push the boundaries of what could be considered a game engine. Despite facing setbacks and limitations in each program, the creator’s creativity and problem-solving skills shone through in their unconventional game development process.

The video showcased the creator’s humorous and playful approach to game development, incorporating elements of trial and error, unexpected outcomes, and comedic commentary throughout the process. By exploring the potential of everyday programs as game engines, the creator demonstrated a unique perspective on game design and programming, highlighting the importance of creativity and resourcefulness in overcoming technical limitations. The unconventional methods used in the video offered a lighthearted and entertaining take on the process of game development, showcasing the creator’s ingenuity and willingness to experiment with unconventional tools and techniques.

Through the creation of Flappy Bird in unconventional programs like File Explorer, Microsoft Paint, and Premier Pro, the creator demonstrated the versatility and potential for creativity in game development. By reimagining traditional game engines and exploring new ways to simulate gameplay mechanics, the video showcased the creator’s innovative and playful approach to programming and design. The unconventional methods used in the video not only offered a humorous take on game development but also highlighted the creator’s ability to think outside the box and find creative solutions to technical challenges.