The Limitless pendant is a new AI wearable device that enhances human intelligence by leveraging personalized AI capabilities. With features such as meeting preparation, real-time transcription, and data privacy safeguards, the pendant aims to revolutionize productivity and efficiency for users at an affordable price point.

A new AI wearable device called the Limitless pendant has been released and is making waves in the industry due to its innovative features and capabilities. The Limitless pendant is a personalized AI powered by what you’ve seen, said, or heard, designed to augment human intelligence by overcoming memory and focus limitations. It seamlessly integrates with existing technology and offers a range of functions including meeting preparation, real-time transcription, and meeting summaries, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The Limitless pendant boasts a sleek design, measuring only 31.9mm wide and 16mm thin, making it discreet and wearable as a necklace or attached to clothing. It features exceptional battery life of 100 hours, clear audio quality with an array of microphones, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless syncing. Priced at just $99 with no subscription required, the pendant offers a cost-effective solution for harnessing the power of AI without compromising privacy.

Privacy and data security are key considerations in the design of the Limitless pendant. The device introduces innovative features such as Consent Mode, which only captures the voice of individuals who have given consent to be recorded, ensuring data protection and privacy. Additionally, the Confidential Cloud technology provides users with control over data encryption, offering the convenience of cloud storage without compromising privacy. These features aim to address concerns about data privacy in an increasingly digital world.

The company behind the Limitless pendant, formerly known as Rewind, has shifted its focus to Limitless and plans to implement many features from Rewind into the new product. The roadmap for Limitless includes upcoming enhancements such as native iPhone and Android apps, integration with other tools like Slack, and the ability to generate drafts of email and Slack messages. The company aims to be HIPAA compliant for medical professionals and plans to offer agents that can take actions on behalf of users.

Overall, the Limitless pendant represents a significant advancement in AI technology, offering users a powerful tool to enhance productivity, streamline tasks, and improve data privacy. With its innovative features, sleek design, and commitment to user privacy, the Limitless pendant sets a new standard for wearable AI devices in the industry. Users can explore the potential of the Limitless pendant by reserving a spot in line for the first production units, which are set to ship in August.