Massive Pixel 9 & Google AI leaks

The video discussed leaks about the Google Pixel 9, revealing its dimensions from a pink version obtained in Algeria ahead of the official event on August 13th, emphasizing the prominence of Google AI features. It also covered declining VR market trends, the launch of Proton Drive and Proton Docs as privacy-focused alternatives to Google services, and other updates such as LG’s OLED screens, AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 series, and Figma’s generative AI design tool.

In the video, a series of leaks about the Google Pixel 9 and its AI features were discussed. A person in Algeria somehow obtained a pink Pixel 9, revealing its dimensions even though the phone was not turned on. The official Pixel 9 event is scheduled for August 13th, earlier than usual, possibly due to competition from the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. The leaks suggest that Google AI will be a prominent feature on the Pixel 9 series, introducing new features like ‘Add Me’ for photo manipulation and ‘Screenshots’ for organizing and searching through screenshots.

The second part of the video focused on the VR market, which is reportedly facing a decline with a 29% year-over-year decrease in sales. The Apple Vision Pro did not seem to boost overall interest in VR, with Apple only capturing 60% of the market share. Sony, in particular, experienced a drastic drop in market share, with their PlayStation VR2 being labeled a flop despite positive reviews. Sony’s attempt to salvage the situation by creating a PC adapter for the PlayStation VR2 and developing more first-party games may not be enough to revive interest.

The third segment discussed Proton, a privacy-focused company, launching Proton Drive and Proton Docs as alternatives to Google Drive and Google Docs. These services offer end-to-end encryption, including for keystrokes and cursor movements, ensuring user privacy. Despite some missing features like a mobile app and limited functionality, Proton’s focus on privacy and a comprehensive suite of services, including email, VPN, and now documents, sets them apart in the online services ecosystem.

Additional updates included LG mass-producing tandem OLED screens for laptops, AMD’s upcoming Ryzen AI 300 series launch in Asus laptops, and Figma’s generative AI design tool, which briefly recreated Apple’s weather app. Netflix announced changes to its subscription plans, Apple faced charges for violating the EU’s digital markets act, and Japan phased out the use of floppy discs across the country. Furthermore, DJI surprised with the announcement of an electric mountain bike under the mflow brand, leveraging their expertise in Motors and battery technologies from their drone business.