Mixtral 8x22B: BLAZING FAST on nVidia H100s with NexgenCloud Hyperstack (Outperforms 8x7B?)

Mixtral AI introduced the Mixtral 8X 22B model, a 176 billion parameter mixture of expert model that outperforms its predecessor and competes with other top AI models. The model requires significant VRAM, runs efficiently on Hyperstack’s NVIDIA H100 GPUs, showcasing its potential in natural language processing and AI applications.

The European AI company, Mixtral AI, released a new model called Mixtral 8X 22B, which is a 176 billion parameter mixture of expert model. This model outperforms its predecessor, Mixtral 8X 7B, and is expected to rival other top models in the AI space. The company has raised significant funding and is valued at over $2 billion, showcasing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. The model requires a large amount of VRAM, with 260 GB in FP16 and 73 GB in INT4, making it challenging to run on standard GPUs.

The model uses a similar tokenizer to previous models from Mixtral AI and has been benchmarked to demonstrate its impressive performance. Despite its size, efforts have been made to make it accessible for use, including support for various precisions and formats on platforms like Hugging Face. The model has shown promising results in benchmarks, outperforming previous models and even competing with well-known AI models from other companies.

Hyperstack, a GPU platform, offers powerful GPUs like the NVIDIA H100 and A180, making it an attractive option for running models like Mixtral 8X 22B. Hyperstack’s partnership with NVIDIA ensures early access to cutting-edge hardware and competitive pricing. The platform’s features, such as easy setup and networking options, make it a preferred choice over other cloud services like Amazon or Lambda.

The author demonstrates running Mixtral 8X 22B on Hyperstack’s GPUs, showcasing the model’s performance in generating responses to various prompts. The model shows capabilities in answering questions, generating poetry, and even engaging in multi-step reasoning tasks. While still in its raw form, the model exhibits potential for further development and fine-tuning to enhance its performance.

Overall, Mixtral 8X 22B represents a significant advancement in AI technology, with impressive capabilities and performance benchmarks. The model’s release highlights the ongoing innovation in the AI industry and the importance of access to powerful GPU platforms like Hyperstack for running complex models. As the model continues to evolve and improve, it holds promise for various applications in natural language processing and other AI domains.