Most INSANE nVidia $42,000 Local AI Werkstation (GH200 + 4090)

A Dutch company called GPT shop has introduced a high-end AI workstation priced at $41,000, featuring the Grace Hopper super chip and h200 GPU for exceptional AI and HPC performance. The workstation offers impressive specifications, customization options, and advanced networking capabilities, making it a top-tier choice for AI enthusiasts and professionals despite its hefty price tag.

A Dutch company called GPT shop has introduced an extravagant AI workstation priced at a staggering $41,000. This workstation is equipped with an Nvidia GPU and CPU, specifically the Grace Hopper super chip and h200 GPU. The company claims that this system is ideal for AI and HPC applications, boasting impressive performance capabilities. The workstation is designed for running large language models locally, offering faster AI performance compared to other systems.

The GPT shop workstation features the Grace Hopper super chip, which combines a Gray CPU and Hopper GPU on a single carrier board. This setup is said to provide exceptional performance, surpassing x86 systems and offering customization, upgradability, and repairability. The workstation is suitable for Edge AI, ML, and GPT llm applications, running on Linux and featuring a quiet operation. The company emphasizes the importance of owning hardware for startups, highlighting the value of data and computer infrastructure.

The workstation incorporates high-end components such as 100 Gig fiber interconnect NICs, 60TB SSDs, and a total of 67 Teraflops of fp64 compute power. It offers remarkable performance metrics, including around 2,000 teraflops of fp16 and 4,000 teraflops of fp8. The system is designed with a custom motherboard that accepts the Gh200 Super Chip, along with additional features like NVMe slots, advanced cooling solutions, and networking capabilities. The workstation’s unique design and components set it apart from traditional systems.

The GPT shop workstation comes in a custom case that resembles a product from Nvidia, featuring high-quality components and a modified InWin case. The system requires substantial power, with at least 1,800W power supplies and dedicated circuits for operation. The workstation offers various configuration options, including different color choices, additional Nvidia GPUs, and sound cards. The company also provides services such as installing the Moon desktop 2404 and offering intrusion detection packages for enhanced security.

Despite its hefty price tag, the GPT shop AI workstation promises unparalleled performance and features for AI enthusiasts and professionals. The system’s impressive specifications, including the Grace Hopper super chip and advanced networking capabilities, make it a top-tier choice for AI and HPC applications. While the workstation may not be practical for everyone due to its high cost, it represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of AI workstations, catering to users who require exceptional computing power and capabilities for their projects.