Multi Modal Rag system with chromadb using only opensource embeddings

The video demonstrates the creation of a Multi Modal RAG system using open source models and embeddings with ChromaDB. The system allows users to query a database of images and text inputs to find the closest matches, supports automated image and text file additions, and provides insights into additional coding projects and tools for structured learning experiences.

In the video, the presenter demonstrates the creation of a Multi Modal RAG system using open source models and embeddings. The system is built using ChromaDB and automatically scans a directory containing images of a cat, a dog, a computer, and robot data to create a ChromaDB database. The system allows users to query the database using text inputs like “cat,” “computer,” “dog,” or “animal,” which returns results based on the closest distance to the query term.

Furthermore, the system supports image queries as well, where users can place an image in the query image folder and search for similar images. The system successfully retrieves the closest matching image based on the image query. The presenter mentions that combining text and image queries may not yield optimal results based on their experience.

The process of adding and deleting images to the database is automated, ensuring that any modifications to the image directory are reflected in the ChromaDB database. The system also supports the inclusion of text files in addition to image files, with each file being assigned an ID based on its name for easy retrieval and management within the database.

The video highlights the code implementation details, including importing the necessary libraries, defining embedding functions, initializing data loaders, creating a persistent client for ChromaDB, and managing image and text file additions to the database. The presenter emphasizes the benefits of becoming a patron to access code files and in-depth coding walkthroughs for this and other projects.

Additionally, the presenter showcases a preview of the coding walkthrough available in their THX Master Class, which covers various coding projects and techniques. They also introduce the Streamer Version 3 project, a tool that uses AI to generate and present course materials in real time, offering structured learning experiences. The project is available for download, and the presenter provides information on how to access and utilize it effectively.