Next JS: Transcribe and rewrite with Groq API or GPT-4o

The video showcases a project built with Next.js that allows users to transcribe and rewrite text using the Groq API and GPT-4. The presenter demonstrates how the project integrates audio recording, text transcribing, and rewriting functionalities, utilizing the OpenAI API and Gro SDK, along with features like customizing text transformations and emoji conversion.

In the video, the presenter demonstrates a project using Next.js that involves transcribing and rewriting text using Groq API and GPT-4. The project allows users to paste text, record it, transcribe it, and then rewrite it in a better way. The presenter explains that the project utilizes both the OpenAI API and the Gro SDK for transcribing and rewriting the text. Users can customize how they want the text to be rewritten, even turning it into emojis.

The presenter provides insights into the code structure of the project, explaining how they set up a Next.js project and created a component called Transcription.tsx to handle the transcribing and rewriting functionalities. They walk through the process of designing the component and integrating it into the project. The code includes functions for handling recording audio, sending it to the server for transcription, and rewriting the text using the chosen API.

The video highlights the benefits of becoming a patron, such as gaining access to code files, courses on coding efficiency, and the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the presenter. The presenter also mentions the use of the useEffect hook for auto-adjusting text areas and the implementation of features like recording audio and sending it to the server for processing. The demonstration showcases how the project uses the media recorder and API routes for text-to-speech and rewriting functionalities.

The API routes in the project include endpoints for handling text-to-speech and text rewriting requests, with the ability to choose between using the OpenAI API or the Gro SDK for transcribing and rewriting the text. The presenter explains the process of sending audio data to the server and receiving the transcribed or rewritten text as a response. They also discuss the option to adjust the model and system message for rewriting the text based on user preferences.

In conclusion, the video provides a detailed walkthrough of the project’s code structure, functionalities, and API integrations, showcasing how users can transcribe and rewrite text using Next.js, Groq API, and GPT-4. The presenter emphasizes the simplicity of the project and encourages viewers to experiment with customizations and make the project their own. They also mention the availability of the project code on their Patreon for further exploration and development.