NVIDIA ACE | NVIDIA x Inworld AI - Pushing the Boundaries of Game Characters in Covert Protocol

NVIDIA Ace, in collaboration with Inworld AI, has developed a technology demo called Covert Protocol to showcase the integration of AI NPCs in games. This demo highlights how Inworld AI’s engine enables AI agents to perceive, learn, adapt, and deliver nuanced performances in games, providing developers with tools to create dynamic and emotionally engaging gaming experiences.

NVIDIA Ace is a suite of technologies that utilizes generative AI to bring digital humans to life. In collaboration with Inworld AI, a technology demo called Covert Protocol has been developed to showcase the integration of AI NPCs in games. Inworld AI is a leading engine for AI in games, offering groundbreaking mechanics and streamlined workflows for developers. The engine allows for the creation of AI agents, narratives, and worlds that adapt to players’ actions, providing a unique and dynamic gaming experience.

The NPCs in Covert Protocol can perceive, learn, adapt, and deliver nuanced performances based on players’ decisions and actions. The technology demo demonstrates how Inworld’s perception, cognition, and behavior system work together to power NPC performances in games, resembling the functioning of the human brain. Through the orchestration of various models, developers can expect emotionally nuanced experiences from the NPCs in the game.

Covert Protocol takes a modular approach by combining the best of NVIDIA and Inworld technologies, utilizing NVIDIA’s microservices like R ASR and audio to augment speech recognition and animation pipelines. The Inworld engine then coordinates the characters’ voices, animations, and behavior based on their personalities, emotional states, and context within the game. Game developers have the option to integrate the Inworld AI engine for real-time experiences or utilize design-time and infrastructure solutions at different stages of the development pipeline.

The technology demo only scratches the surface of what is possible with Inworld AI and NVIDIA’s Ace microservices. To encourage further exploration, the source code for Covert Protocol will be released for developers to experiment and create their own experiences. The collaboration aims to empower developers to leverage the capabilities of Inworld AI and NVIDIA’s technologies to innovate and push the boundaries of game character interactions. Developers are encouraged to showcase their creations and demonstrate the potential of integrating AI NPCs into gaming experiences.