Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and the $2 trillion company powering today's AI | 60 Minutes

Nvidia, a California-based company valued at over $2 trillion, has seen rapid growth due to its cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence, led by CEO Jensen Huang. The company’s GPU technology is driving breakthroughs in various industries, with a focus on enhancing productivity and job creation through AI advancements while also emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in AI development.

Nvidia, a California-based company, is one of the only four companies globally worth over $2 trillion alongside Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet. The company’s stock market value doubled from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in eight months due to the high demand for its cutting-edge technology powering artificial intelligence. CEO Jensen Huang, aged 61, believes AI is set to revolutionize various industries. The company’s success is attributed to its GPU technology, which processes calculations rapidly and efficiently, making breakthroughs in fields like drug discovery and material design.

Nvidia’s annual developers conference showcased the company’s latest advancements in AI technology, with Jensen Hang unveiling the powerful Blackwell chip. This GPU technology has enabled remarkable achievements such as predicting weather faster than supercomputers and creating new protein-based drugs using AI models. Other companies, like Figure, are utilizing Nvidia’s technology to develop AI-driven robots that could revolutionize labor-intensive industries, potentially enhancing productivity and creating new job opportunities.

Despite concerns about AI’s impact on employment, Jensen Hang believes that AI and robotics will augment human capabilities, leading to increased productivity and job creation. The company’s journey from its humble beginnings at a Denny’s restaurant to becoming a global tech giant reflects its commitment to innovation and hard work. Jensen’s dedication to perfection and vision for AI’s future have propelled Nvidia to the forefront of the AI revolution, with applications spanning from virtual movie sets to drug development.

As AI continues to advance, ethical considerations and the potential risks associated with AI development have been raised by experts. While Jensen Hang remains optimistic about AI’s potential to drive progress and prosperity, he acknowledges the importance of caution and ethical considerations. The future of AI, according to Jensen, lies in humanity’s ability to control and steer its development towards a future where machines serve as tools rather than rulers. Jensen Hang’s journey from a dishwasher to a tech celebrity symbolizes the transformative power of hard work and innovation in shaping the future of AI technology and its impact on society.