NVIDIA Launches NEW AI Chips & Breaks Moore's Law (COMPUTEX 2024 Supercut)

NVIDIA unveiled the Blackwell platform at COMPUTEX 2024, emphasizing accelerated computing and AI advancements to address industry demands for faster processing and efficiency. The company’s focus on generative AI and robotics integration showcases a vision for the future of computing, aiming to revolutionize industries with smarter and more efficient systems.

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, presented the company’s latest advancements at COMPUTEX 2024, highlighting the launch of the Blackwell platform, which marks a significant shift in the computer industry. The platform is designed to address the growing demands for accelerated computing and artificial intelligence, reshaping the way computers function by focusing on simulation, math, and science within the virtual world of Omniverse. Huang emphasized the importance of accelerated computing in overcoming the limitations of traditional CPUs and the exponential growth of data processing requirements, leading to significant cost savings and performance improvements.

The Blackwell platform consists of advanced technologies, such as the integration of GPUs with CPUs to accelerate processing-intensive tasks, resulting in significant speed-ups while minimizing power consumption and costs. This approach enables various industries to leverage accelerated computing for enhanced performance and efficiency. NVIDIA’s dedication to continuously improving performance and driving down costs has led to the development of groundbreaking AI chips like Blackwell, setting the stage for the next phase of AI innovation.

In addition to accelerated computing, NVIDIA is focusing on generative AI, which involves creating AI models that can generate tokens, such as images, videos, text, or even digital humans. This generative AI era represents a new industrial revolution, where AI factories produce tokens for various industries, offering a scalable and repeatable approach to generating valuable data. The company aims to make AI more physically based, grounded in the laws of physics, to enable robots to interact with the world more effectively.

The Blackwell platform is part of NVIDIA’s strategy to build comprehensive solutions for robotic systems, including robotic factories, warehouses, and humanoid robots. By offering platforms, SDKs, and APIs for different types of robotics applications, NVIDIA is driving advancements in the field of robotics and automation. The company’s partnerships with leading industrial automation software providers and the integration of AI technologies in robotics are transforming industries and enabling the development of smarter, more efficient robotic systems.

Overall, NVIDIA’s vision for the future of computing involves integrating advanced technologies like accelerated computing, generative AI, and robotics to create a new era of intelligent machines. By leveraging the capabilities of the Blackwell platform and embracing physical AI, the company aims to revolutionize industries, drive innovation, and empower businesses to harness the power of AI for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Through continuous advancements and strategic partnerships, NVIDIA is positioned at the forefront of the evolving technological landscape, shaping the future of computing and robotics.