Open-Source VISION AI Sees EVERYTHING! (Phi3 Vision vs LLaMA 3 Vision vs GPT4o)

The video compares three open-source vision AI models - Phi3 Vision, Llama 3 Vision, and GPT 40 - in various tasks such as image description, person identification, text recognition, and data analysis. While each model has its strengths and weaknesses, Phi3 Vision stands out as the most accurate and impressive performer across the different tasks evaluated.

In the video, the presenter compares three different open-source vision AI models: Phi3 Vision, Llama 3 Vision, and GPT 40. The Phi3 Vision model is from Microsoft, Llama 3 Vision is from Meta, and GPT 40 is a baseline model. The presenter tests these models on various tasks to evaluate their performance.

The first task involves showing an image of a llama lying down and asking the models to describe it. Phi3 Vision and Llama 3 Vision provide detailed descriptions of the image, while GPT 40 struggles a bit with the accuracy of its description. However, all three models successfully identify the main subject of the image.

Next, the presenter shows an image of Bill Gates and asks the models to identify him. Surprisingly, none of the models can confidently identify him, providing generic descriptions instead. This highlights a limitation in the models’ ability to recognize specific individuals.

The models are then tested on reading text from a captcha image. Phi3 Vision and Llama 3 Vision accurately identify the letters in the image, while GPT 40 struggles initially but eventually provides the correct answer. However, Phi3 Vision is deemed the most accurate in this task.

Further tests involve describing an image featuring a man at a desk and analyzing a screenshot of an iPhone storage settings screen. While all models perform well in describing the images, GPT 40 excels in providing accurate answers to specific questions about the image content, such as storage space allocation and identifying the app taking up the most storage.

The final tests include analyzing a QR code and converting an image of a table into a CSV file. None of the models successfully interpret the QR code, but GPT 40 excels in converting the table image into a CSV file, providing a downloadable solution. Overall, while each model has its strengths and weaknesses, Phi3 Vision is considered the most impressive in terms of accuracy and performance across the various tasks.