OpenAI's STUNNING "NEXT" model coming THIS YEAR | Elon Musk on OpenAI safety and reanimating bodies!

OpenAI presented a preview of their upcoming “GPT Next” project, showcasing advancements in reasoning capabilities and AI vision technologies. Elon Musk expressed concerns about the truth-seeking nature of AI programs and discussed Neuralink’s potential in reanimating bodies through neural interfaces, while also emphasizing the importance of AI alignment and increased communication bandwidth between humans and AI.

OpenAI recently presented a glimpse into their upcoming project, codenamed GPT next, which promises significant advancements in reasoning capabilities. The presentation showcased their voice engine’s ability to generate videos and narrations in different languages based on simple prompts. OpenAI also demonstrated their vision capabilities, such as generating videos from prompts and creating narrations through AI models in real-time. The presentation hinted at the potential for AI agents to revolutionize software interaction, with examples like AI software engineers and coding assistants.

Elon Musk expressed concerns about major AI programs not being truth-seeking and being influenced by political correctness. He emphasized the importance of training AI to be curious and truth-seeking to benefit humanity. Musk mentioned his own AI project, XAI, which aims to be truth-seeking and curious, contrasting it with other AI programs like Google’s Gemini. Additionally, Musk discussed Neuralink’s goal of developing high-bandwidth interfaces to potentially mitigate risks associated with digital superintelligence.

The presentation also touched on OpenAI’s partnership with News Corp to enhance GPT with premium journalism. There was a mention of Scarlett Johansson’s voice controversy with OpenAI and the portrayal of future AI in science fiction books. Musk discussed Neuralink’s potential to help individuals with brain injuries and the idea of reanimating bodies through neural interfaces. He also dismissed a question from Business Insider, questioning its credibility as a publication.

The presentation highlighted advancements in AI technology, including telepathy and blindsight products to assist individuals with disabilities. Musk discussed the potential of AI alignment and increasing communication bandwidth between humans and AI to address brain and spine injuries. He expressed confidence in the physical possibility of reanimating bodies through neural interfaces. Finally, the presentation concluded with an invitation to join a community focused on learning AI and building AI agents to be part of the technological revolution.