Pendant AI: The $99 AI Assistant (What AI PIN SHOULD Have Been)

Limitless AI is a new AI device created to enhance human intelligence by automating tasks such as note-taking and meeting summaries through recording conversations with consent mode for privacy. Priced at $99, the Limitless AI pendant offers advanced AI features, confidential Cloud storage, and plans for integration with other tools to revolutionize the use of AI technology in daily tasks.

A new AI device called Limitless AI has been launched as a more compelling alternative to the AI pin. The team behind Limitless AI previously created Rewind AI, known for recording everything locally on computers for privacy and security. The Limitless AI device aims to augment human intelligence with AI, recording everything said or heard to automate tasks like note-taking and meeting summaries. It offers a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and a wearable pendant.

The Limitless AI pendant is designed to address privacy concerns by introducing consent mode, which only records voices of those who have given consent. It boasts exceptional battery life of 100 hours and features microphones for clear audio quality, without a camera or additional user interface. The pendant is priced at $99, significantly lower than the AI pin, and offers optional Limitless Pro subscription for advanced AI features.

The device also introduces confidential Cloud storage for convenience while maintaining privacy, akin to traditional cloud services. The company plans to integrate Limitless with other tools like Slack, offer real-time notes and summaries, and provide AI-powered actions and email drafts. Developers will be able to build apps on top of Limitless, expanding its capabilities beyond the initial features.

Limitless AI aims to free the human mind from biological limitations by leveraging technology to augment human capabilities. The company is rebranding from Rewind to Limitless, with existing Rewind Pro subscribers receiving Limitless Pro for free. The device roadmap includes upcoming features like native mobile apps, AI-powered agents, and a platform for developers to build apps on top of Limitless. Users can provide feedback and feature requests through the Limitless website.

Overall, Limitless AI presents an affordable and privacy-focused alternative to existing AI devices, offering a range of features to enhance productivity and efficiency. With a focus on transparency, privacy, and user feedback, the company aims to revolutionize the way AI technology is integrated into daily tasks and interactions.