Retraining Myself to Program PyTorch With Github Copilot: Embracing The Learning Journey (again!)

The speaker discusses their extensive programming experience and the need for constant adaptation to new technologies in the tech industry. They share their journey of retraining themselves in PyTorch and LLMs, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and staying updated in the dynamic field of programming.

The speaker shares their extensive experience in programming since the 1980s, highlighting the need for constant adaptation to new technologies in the tech industry. Despite their aversion to certain tools like JavaScript due to market saturation, they emphasize the importance of staying updated and embracing new languages and frameworks. The speaker recounts their diverse programming journey, ranging from Windows C++ and Fortran to mobile development with Objective-C and Swift. They express a willingness to retrain themselves in PyTorch and LLMs, reflecting on the continuous need for reinvention in a programming career.

The speaker confesses their dislike for Python, attributing it to a past debugging nightmare involving a syntax error in a loop. Despite this, they acknowledge Python’s utility, especially in machine learning, and discuss how tools like GitHub Copilot and MyPy have made working with Python more efficient. They delve into their approach to learning new languages, advocating for hands-on projects followed by formal learning to solidify knowledge. The speaker gives examples of their Python/PyTorch project to demonstrate practical application of their learning process.

The speaker recommends various resources for learning machine learning, such as neural network videos from 3Blue1Brown, channels by experts like Andrej Karpathy and Boris Meinardus, and a machine learning specialization course by Andrew Ng. They also discuss the use of AI-powered search engines like PerplexityAI for information retrieval. The speaker critiques the new chatGPT4.0 for not significantly enhancing answer quality compared to previous versions.

In conclusion, the speaker encourages engagement with the tech community for learning recommendations and feedback. They emphasize the dynamic nature of the tech industry and the importance of adaptation and continuous learning. The speaker’s journey reflects a commitment to staying current with technological advancements, despite personal preferences or challenges faced in the ever-evolving landscape of programming.