Schmidhuber feels the AGI

The video features a conversation with Schmidhuber, who reflects on his early interest in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) dating back to the 1970s and his pioneering contributions to the field. His expertise in AGI and neural networks, as well as the admiration for his work and accomplishments, are highlighted throughout the discussion, showcasing his significant impact on the AI community.

In the video, Schmidhuber discusses his early interest in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) dating back to the 1970s. He reminisces about being in Lake Lagano in 1979, surrounded by mountains and boating on the lake, while already feeling the concepts of AGI. He highlights how he was exploring the idea of AGI even before Ilya Sutskever, a prominent figure in the field, was born.

The video captures a conversation between Schmidhuber and another individual who was excited about having the opportunity to speak with him. They delve into various topics, including the France’s AI Challenge and the concept of computability in neural networks. Schmidhuber’s expertise in the field is emphasized, noting his contributions such as the invention of Godel machines and his reputation as an outstanding computer scientist.

The speaker expresses disbelief at the opportunity to engage in a seven-hour conversation with Schmidhuber, indicating that it was a dream come true after years of anticipation. The admiration for Schmidhuber’s work and accomplishments is evident throughout the video, with a particular highlight on his pioneering contributions to the field of AI.

Schmidhuber’s influence as a leading figure in the AI community is underscored through the discussion of his groundbreaking research and inventions. His role in shaping the landscape of AGI and neural networks is evident from the conversation, showcasing his deep understanding and innovative approaches to the field.

Overall, the video provides insight into Schmidhuber’s early interest in AGI, his notable contributions to the field, and the impact of his work on the broader AI community. The admiration and respect for his accomplishments are palpable, making it a valuable conversation for those interested in the development of AGI and neural networks.