Stable Diffusion 3 Open Release Date Announced! AMD Acquisition?

At Computex 2024, AMD surprised attendees by announcing the open-sourcing of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium weights, set to release on June 12th. Speculation arises about AMD potentially acquiring Stability AI, which could enhance their AI accelerators and provide more affordable GPU options for consumers while impacting the accessibility and affordability of AI tools in the market.

At Computex 2024, both Nvidia and AMD highlighted the importance of AI in their keynotes, with Nvidia emphasizing their dominance in the industry and teasing new professional AI GPUs. Unexpectedly, Stability AI made an appearance during AMD’s keynote, announcing the release of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium weights on June 12th. This release was a surprise as previous information suggested that Stability AI would charge for their products, but now they claim to be open-sourcing them for free. The announcement generated curiosity about the future direction of Stability AI.

Stability AI’s tweet confirmed the release date of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium weights on June 12th, with the option to sign up for email notifications. However, there was some confusion as an email suggested that only the small version of the weights might be released initially, with the larger 8 billion parameter model possibly coming later due to safety concerns. The 2 billion parameter model is smaller than the previous XL version, raising questions about its performance and efficiency. The medium weights are intended for non-commercial use initially.

Developers at Stability AI are openly discussing the challenges they face, such as the need for more training on the 8 billion parameter model. The company seems to be struggling financially, with hints that they are seeking a buyer. There are speculations that AMD might acquire Stability AI to enhance their AI accelerators and offer more affordable GPU options for consumers. This potential acquisition could benefit both companies and provide a compelling business case for AMD.

The possibility of AMD acquiring Stability AI raises questions about the future of AI technology and the accessibility of advanced GPUs for enthusiasts. Stability AI’s release of the Medium weights and the potential acquisition by AMD indicate a shift in the AI landscape. This development could impact the availability and affordability of AI tools for a broader range of users. The situation highlights the competitive nature of the AI industry and the strategic decisions companies like AMD are making to stay relevant and innovative in the market.