Testing good-gpt-2 and also-good-gpt2 in chatbot arena

In the chatbot arena, the user tested two models - Gemini 1.5 Pro and also-good-gpt2 - on various animation and website creation tasks, with gpt2 impressing with detailed output and interactive results. Despite some limitations in handling complex requests, gpt2 showcased its creative capabilities, delivering visually appealing content like light bulb animations, rotating circles, transparent glass effects, and fractal zoom animations on an HTML canvas.

In the chatbot arena, the user experimented with two models - Gemini 1.5 Pro and also-good-gpt2. They tasked the models with creating an animation of a light bulb on an HTML page, complete with a cord that could be pulled to toggle light and dark mode. Gemini’s attempt fell short, while also-good-gpt2 impressed with its detailed code output, though lacking in the cord interaction initially. Upon requesting a cord pulling animation resembling an old-fashioned lamp, gpt2 successfully delivered a visually appealing and interactive result.

The user then moved on to a more complex request, asking for an animation involving mini circles rotating around a larger circle, with color changes influenced by cursor proximity. Gemini’s response was incomplete, while gpt2 managed to deliver an animation that partially met the requirements. The user acknowledged the potential complexity of their requests affecting the models’ performance and decided to approach tasks incrementally to avoid overwhelming the models.

Subsequently, the user sought the creation of a transparent glass effect website using images from Unsplash. The models tackled the task, with oppos producing a visually appealing result, albeit cut off prematurely. gpt2, on the other hand, generated a more complex website with stunning nature photography, showcasing the models’ creative capabilities within the given constraints.

Further requests included a beautiful infinite mandelbrot fractal zoom using HTML canvas, with gpt2 exhibiting a slow rendering process but ultimately delivering a colorful and elegant result. The user reflected on the models’ competence, especially considering the potential of gpt2 being a small, capable model. Lastly, the user highlighted the benefits of becoming a patron, offering access to code files, courses, and one-on-one connections, emphasizing the value of support for their projects and initiatives.