The Weird and Wonderful AI Art of Niceaunties | Niceaunties | TED

The speaker shares her journey of creating an art project called “Niceaunties,” inspired by her family’s women and their quirks, relationships, and humor, using AI-generated images to explore the joyful side of auntie culture. Through the Auntieverse, a world-building project, she playfully examines themes of freedom, self-reliance, beauty standards, and environmental concerns while honoring the memory of extraordinary women who nurtured families.

The speaker shares her experiences growing up in a large family surrounded by influential aunties who asked intrusive questions but also showed love through food. She describes the societal pressures and lack of support that led these women to hold back their full expressions. The speaker introduces her art project, “Niceaunties,” inspired by her family’s women and their quirks, relationships, and humor. Through the use of AI-generated images, she explores the joyful side of auntie culture, creating a surreal narrative filled with freedom and self-expression.

Transitioning from a career in architecture to one as an artist, the speaker found freedom in creating with AI, allowing her to bring her imaginative world of aunties to life. She developed the “Auntieverse,” a world-building project inspired by Singaporean culture and humor. In this universe, aunties engage in absurd activities like assembling vehicles powered by legs and celebrating modern auntie culture at the Museum of Modern Aunties (MoMA). The speaker’s project playfully explores themes of freedom, self-reliance, and beauty standards through the lens of auntie life.

Within the Auntieverse, there exist whimsical locations like the Nice Auntie Sushi Academy (NASA) on the moon, where aunties learn culinary skills and share delicious food. Food plays a central role in the Auntieverse, serving as an element of relaxation and beauty treatments, such as soaking in ramen hot tubs and using sushi for spa treatments. The speaker humorously references beauty rituals like applying coffee grounds and cling film, highlighting societal pressures on women to meet beauty standards.

The Auntieverse expands to include Auntlantis, a parallel world where aunties take breaks on a beach littered with plastic waste, reflecting environmental concerns. Through her art project, the speaker honors the memory of extraordinary women who nurtured families, celebrating their personalities and the mundane aspects of auntie life. Using AI technology, she was able to bring her imaginative world to life in just 12 months, showcasing the power of creativity and storytelling. The speaker concludes by highlighting the importance of embracing diverse narratives and celebrating the uniqueness of auntie culture.