This AI deepfake is next level: Control expressions & motion

The video demonstrates Live Portrait, a powerful and realistic deepfake tool developed by Qushow, which can animate still photos based on movements and expressions from a different video. This free and open-source tool offers users complete control over animating faces with multiple expressions seamlessly, showcasing its versatility in mapping accurate expressions onto various types of images.

The video showcases a powerful and realistic deepfake tool called Live Portrait that can animate a still photo based on the movements and expressions from a video of a different person. Developed by the team at Qushow, known for their AI video generator, this tool stands out for its ability to handle tricky expressions and map them onto various types of images, including realistic photos, black and white photos of famous people, oil paintings, and even fictional characters.

Live Portrait is free and open source, allowing users to input any photo and video without restrictions, unlike closed source tools. It can animate faces with multiple expressions seamlessly, maintaining consistency throughout the video without deformations or warping. The tool also offers settings to control eye and mouth movements, allowing users to customize the animation according to their preferences.

Users can animate not only human faces but also animate animals or 3D characters using human expressions, showcasing the tool’s versatility. By following the installation process outlined in the video, users can activate the Live Portrait environment, install necessary dependencies, and run the tool using a Gradio interface. The tool’s quick generation times make it efficient for creating realistic animations in just 30 seconds.

The video demonstrates various examples of using Live Portrait, such as animating Disney Pixar characters, anime characters, and even dogs with human expressions. The tool excels in mapping expressions accurately onto different types of images, showcasing its potential for creative projects like creating personalized animations or enhancing video content. It provides users with complete control over how characters talk and move, making it a valuable resource for filmmakers, content creators, and artists.

Overall, Live Portrait emerges as a highly effective and accessible tool for deepfake animation, offering users a seamless and versatile way to bring images to life. Its ability to handle complex expressions, diverse image types, and quick generation times sets it apart in the realm of deepfake technology. With its free and open-source nature, Live Portrait opens up possibilities for creative expression and storytelling, empowering users to explore new avenues in visual content creation.