Time to Come Clean (April Fools Video)

Richard from the Plane Bagel addresses negative attention from promoting a failed NFT project called Bagel Butts, taking responsibility for the financial loss caused to investors. Despite acknowledging his mistakes, he introduces a new cryptocurrency project at the end of the video, leaving viewers questioning the sincerity of his apology and intentions.

In the video, Richard from the Plane Bagel addresses some negative attention he has been receiving online due to a past tweet about an unsuccessful NFT project called Bagel Butts. He had previously criticized influencers for promoting products that may not be in their audience’s best interest, and some people reacted negatively by digging up his old tweet. In the tweet, he had encouraged people to invest in the NFT project, which ended up failing and causing financial loss to many. Richard takes responsibility for the failed project but also mentions that there were questionable individuals involved, like a fake art director and an artist who spread negative information before the project collapsed.

Richard apologizes for his involvement in the NFT project and acknowledges the harm caused to people who invested in it based on his recommendation. He expresses regret for the situation and the impact it had on those who now hold worthless NFTs in their crypto wallets. Richard also admits to the lack of due diligence on his part, such as believing false claims made by team members and not thoroughly vetting the project’s details before promoting it to his audience. He emphasizes the importance of providing context to the situation and highlights the nefarious actions of some team members that contributed to the project’s failure.

Despite the mistakes made in promoting the Bagel Butts NFT project, Richard tries to clear the air and take accountability for the repercussions. He acknowledges the criticisms and backlash he has faced, especially from those who feel misled by his promotion of the failed project. Richard aims to make amends for his actions and work towards rectifying the situation for those affected. He reassures his audience that he is committed to addressing the issues surrounding the NFT project and learning from the experience to avoid similar pitfalls in the future.

Towards the end of the video, an interruption occurs as Richard receives news about Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high. This interruption shifts the tone of the video abruptly, as Richard introduces a new crypto project called Bagel Booty AI cryptocoin, promoting it as the next big thing for financial success. The video ends abruptly with the mention of the new crypto project, leaving the viewers with a sense of confusion and contrast between Richard’s initial apology and his subsequent promotion of another cryptocurrency venture.

Overall, the video explores Richard’s attempt to come clean about his involvement in a failed NFT project, addressing the criticism and repercussions he has faced. He takes responsibility for promoting the project and acknowledges the mistakes made in trusting the wrong individuals and not conducting proper due diligence. Despite expressing regret and apologizing for the situation, the video ends on a conflicting note with the sudden introduction of a new cryptocurrency project, leaving viewers questioning the sincerity of Richard’s apology and his intentions moving forward.